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It’s an understatement to say that no one wants to come home to a septic tank problem. To reduce the chances of this happening, it’s important that septic tank owners monitor their systems closely. For instance, you need to take notice of slow drains since they are often caused by blockages or a back up in the system. But what else can help prevent serious septic trouble? As your local septic tank repair service, DLC Septic Systems would like to talk to you about septic drainage and why it’s so important.

Why septic tank drainage fields are important

Septic tank drain fields provide a critical function for septic systems. Constructed of parallel pipes, the drain field helps to distribute and filter waste underground. But when there’s an issue, like a clog, the whole system can be upset. Septic tank owners should use caution and care with regards to this part of the septic system since a damaged or shifted pipe can create an array of serious (and expensive) issues.

Prevent septic tank emergencies

Considering how disastrous a septic tank issue can be, it’s important that you make sure the drainage system is working properly. Regular maintenance and pumping can help the system stay in good condition. When you contact a septic tank repair company, the technicians can usually find and fix a problem before it gets worse and becomes an emergency situation.

Pay attention to septic warning systems

Some septic systems come with warning alarms that alert owners when the tank needs repairs or pumping. But relying solely on these systems can be risky, so it’s best to err on the side of caution. Check periodically on your tank’s ability to drain your waste before you’re stuck in a costly mess.

If you’re in need of septic tank repair or other septic services, call DLC Septic Systems for help and advice. We’ll come to your home, check your drainage system, provide you with a detailed report, and solve your septic problems.